Monday, December 26, 2005

happy holidays!

this posting is actually for nothing.I just wanna make it a point to write something before the year ends.i had a "nice" christmas...(what a way to describe it.)this is the first time that i slept during the noche buena and didn't waitfor the 12 midnight christmas.i was so dead tired that night.i didn't have a sleep coz i had work from 12am til 9 the previous day. then after work, rob (fellow QA) and i went to eva's (another fellow QA) bday party. I got home around 5. Just in time to meet up with jay and marvin (my highschool best buds).it's nice that i got a lot of friends to keep me busy during the day is a lot better than the previous christmases i had...(promise.)i just stayed at home. i waited for my 'inaanaks'. 10 of them came.I'ts true that Christmas is really for kids. It's such a nice feeling to make them smileand see them get excited over the gifts and money they get. Gotta go for watchin Jewel. ÜGood thing though, we can all make everyday a Christmas day, if we only put Christ in the center of our everyday lives!


Blogger kat said...

Badong! Merry Christmas! ^_^

2:44 PM, December 27, 2005  

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