Friday, August 26, 2005

Here's to you

My friend was so in despair last night because of a problem with his gf.
It was kinda complicated for me to elaborate though…
But here’s something I wanna tell him. And I hope he listens to me.

"Dear, it pains me to see you like that. But here’s what I wanna tell you.
Will you be happy at the expense of other people?
Let’s say she chooses you and you’re finally together, You think magiging masaya kayo?
Maybe ikaw yes, coz ginawa mo na yan before. L (Why are you so used to doing that? L )
…But will she be happy knowing that the other guy is sufferring? I bet this guy didn’t do anything ill to her.
Nakalimutan mo na ba na I was in that same situation before? Un nga lang, then, I was in the place of this "other guy" na iiwan ng gf mo.
I hope you realize that.
Love is never selfish and Love should set you free.
And what’s happenning to you now?
U can’t sleep thinking why she didn’t call or tex you as promised.
And U understand that things are really meant to be that way?!
There are some loves that are not meant to be and I want you to understand that.
And there’s karma.
We don’t always get what we deserve in this life. But there’s life after.
I’m still here. D pa din kita iniiwan.
I wish I was free then when you proposed your love to me.
Pero hindi.
And I wish you’re free when I am.
Pero hindi din.
But I can still be here for you. I can still love you even if we’re not together. And you have the same love for me I know.

Lastly, love is something you shouldn’t bargain or beg for. It should always be given freely.

I care so much about you and i always will."


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