Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Break Muna...

'this was posted by Kat in our Helpdesk blog.
sooo on :)

Agent: "Sir, may I know where are you calling from?" (meaning State or Region)
Customer: "I'm calling from home!" (Sabi ko nga...)

Agent: "Sir, just put the forward slash after the letter c and the colon"
Customer: "Flash? Flush? What?"
Agent: "Slash, sir, slash. You know what suicidal people do? Slashing their wrists?"
Customer: "What was that? Flash?"
Agent: "You know what? I give up." (To be honest, I heard him say this, but I wasn't sure if he had the mute button activated or not)

Agent: "Thank you for calling MSN Techinical Support, this is ***, may I have your area code and phone number?"
Customer: "Eh? My number? It's 404-999-3322."
Agent: "Ok, thank you sir. Can I also have your email address and account holder's name?"
Customer: "My address is No. 765 Waldorf Street, Tuscon, Arizona. What was the other thing you wanted?"
Agent: "Uh, your email address and your name, sir."
Customer: "Oh, my name is Ralph." Agent: "Uh, thank you for that Ralph, but can I have your email address?" Customer: "What? You want my birthday? Ah, it's June 10, 1933."
Agent: "So how can I help you today?" (Haha, sumuko!)

Customer: "I want to speak to your supervisor!"
Agent: "Sir, I am the supervisor."
Customer: "No! I want to speak to your boss! Who is your boss?"
Agent: "Bill Gates is my boss." Customer: "Oh." (O, eh di natahimik ka?)


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